Charter Night

Join us as we celebrate the three newest clubs in District 6760! We are excited to have RI President John Germ and RI Director Karen Wentz as our featured guests at this very special Charter Banquet. Come out and cheer on these new clubs! It is customary for existing clubs to give gifts to new clubs to help them get started, such as, member badges, banners, bells, gavels etc. If your club is so inclined, please also consider giving a small monetary donation to the new clubs to help them get started.

Everyone is invited to this special event, although, space is limited to around 200 people. Please make your reservations early. There will be heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar available.

If you don’t have a DACdb login ( most likely new club members ) use this link to register:

If you have a DACdb login use this link:

Parking information:

The NCC underground garage entrance is located on Fourth Avenue between Union and Church.  Take a sharp right at the ramp directly across from “Which Wich” and “The Taste of Italy.”  Once inside the garage turn left and take a ticket from the automated system. Do NOT drive straight as this takes you to the 5/3rd Building parking garage. You may then park anywhere on the two floors.  Take the small garage elevator to the lobby and the main lobby elevator to the 20th floor.
Validation:  Guests departing between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM will need a validation ticket.  Validation tickets will be available during the event.