District Grants & Scholarship Information

Each Rotary Year, a portion of the donations made by District 6760 Rotarians to the Rotary Foundation is returned to the District for use on Foundation approved programs. Under these programs, District 6760 Clubs can apply for grants to support the following:

  • Local and international club projects
  • Student scholarships
  • Vocational training teams related travel.

District Grant Application Selection Criteria/Considerations

Considerations and criteria used in the evaluation and recommendation of District Grant Applications include the following:

  • Club qualified for grant per TRF and District criteria (MOU)
  • Club’s RI and District dues current
  • Club has no outstanding grant reports
  • Club’s history of per capita giving to TRF
  • Completeness of application
  • Number of clubs supporting the project
  • Impact on community
  • Rotarian involvement
  • Club may not have more than one open District Grant before receiving a new grant
  • Club should be able to fund project even if less than requested grant funds are received

Grant amount criteria:

  • District will match no more than club contributes
  • Maximum and minimum local project grant will be determined each year
  • Maximum and minimum international project grant will be determined each year
  • Clubs are expected to spend both Grant and Club funds awarded and budgeted. In event actual project cost is less than budget, the difference will be shared pro-rata, and the unused portion of grant funds returned to the District



  1. If someone from your Club attended Grants Training and signed in, please have your President and President-Elect sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that was received during the training session. [copy will be supplied if needed]
  2. Scan your signed MOU document to a transferable medium (thumb drive, etc.)
  3. Log onto DACdb from the District 6760 web site (, or go directly onto the DACdb website ( if you are familiar with the required log on process.
  4. Locate the Grants tab across the top of the sheet and click on it.
  5. Locate the Grant Navigation Menu on the left side of the sheet, find and click on the Grant Secure Files
  6. Click on Add Secure File, and follow the screen prompts to copy/paste your Club’s MOU to this location.

Be sure to identify the file so it is recognizable without opening.  (Rotary Club of XXXX MOU 2017-2018}

Online District Grant Management Instructions

dacdbgrantmgmt2Click to Download Grant Management Instructions




clubmougraphicClick to Download Blank MOU Document





Submit questions or concerns to the District Grants Chairperson, Betty Burchett, at