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Concept and Mission
 District 6760 Rotary Grad School

 I. The Mission Statement: District 6760 Rotary Grad School (RGS) provides intensive training for past presidents of Rotary clubs who have high potential for leadership and service in positions at the District level and beyond. 

 II. The RGS Academic Year:

  1.  Nominations of Candidates for admission to the RGS are accepted during the period of August 15 through Sept. 20 of each year.
  2. Candidates (and their sponsor) will be notified by the end of September, or earlier, whether they have been selected for admission.
  3. Admitted students will receive the first of seven lessons on October 1st, and an additional lesson at the beginning of each subsequent month through
  4.  Lessons are to be completed and returned no later than the due date listed in the yearly Lesson Schedule (see the district website for this year’s schedule).
  5.  Students who successfully complete the course will officially graduate and receive their diploma at a graduation gathering event to be held on May 8th or 15th, 2021 at the Renaissance Center in Dickson. (If we are still dealing with virus issues that will not permit us to meet in person then we will do a virtual graduation)

 III. The Students: Candidates for the RGS must:

  1. Be a member of a District 6760 Rotary Club and be recognized as having outstanding qualifications for Rotary leadership.
  2. Have served for a full term as President of a Rotary Club by the time they are proposed for admission to the
  3. Be committed and willing to: a) devote the time and effort necessary to satisfactorily complete the course of study, and b) attend the graduation
  4. Be willing, upon completion of the course of study, to serve in a District leadership position, or in a position beyond the District
  5. Have sufficient computer capability and literacy to receive, use and return the course
  6. In exceptional and extraordinary circumstances, an outstanding District 6760 Rotarian who has not been a Club President may become a RGS student, provided there is sufficient space in the class and the District Governor

 III. The Nomination and Selection Process:

  1.  Any District 6760 Rotarian may nominate a qualified candidate.
  2. The candidate must be knowledgeable of the nature and purpose of the RGS.
  3. The candidate must agree to be nominated and agree to devote the time and effort required for successful completion of the course.
  4.  The RGS will accept a maximum of 15 students per year and will attempt to have a student cohort that reflects the diversity of the District.
  5.  If the application was not attached to your email please contact Jerome Bannister (the information listed below)

 V. The RGS Course Content and Process:

  1. The RGS course is an extension course consisting of seven electronic lessons and a “must attend” final summary session and graduation
  2. Each lesson concentrates on a particular aspect of Rotary knowledge and includes discussion, references and a test. Each lesson will have a District 6760 “Professor” responsible for that lesson.
  3. The Rotarian who proposed the student will serve as coach and support to the student and follow the student’s progress.
  4. The lessons are designed to direct the student to a variety of references and
  5. Lessons will be electronically sent to the students by the “Dean” via email at the beginning of each month. The student is allowed approximately three weeks to complete the lesson and return it as an attachment to an email to that lesson’s “Professor.” The Professor will grade the lessons and return them, via email, to the student with answers to the questions that were answered incorrectly.
  6. To receive a certificate of graduation, the student must successfully complete the 7 lessons and attend the graduation seminar and
  7. The seven lesson topics are: 
  • The Organization and Structure of Rotary International
  • The Rotary Foundation
  • District 6760: History, Organization, Policies and Procedures
  • Effective Service Projects and Community Service
  • Club Administration
  • Membership
  • International, Vocational and Youth Service
  1. There is a $60 per student fee to cover course costs. The fee is payable prior to the beginning of the academic year. The student is responsible for ensuring the fee is paid, and while the student may pay the fee, it is preferred that it be paid by the student’s Club. (Payment details on application)

 VI. RGS Administration:

 PDG Jerome Bannister will serve as “Dean” for the RGS. He can be reached via email at j, or by phone at 615-419-4976. Any questions regarding the RGS should be directed to him.


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