September – News from the District Governor

What a great and exciting year we are having so far! I’ve visited 33 of 63 clubs. You have heard from past district governors that the best part of being district governor is visiting all the clubs and getting to know them and what great work they do in the community. Not only do I second that, but the clubs make the district 6760 one of the best!

October is Economic and Community Development Month

We create opportunities to help individuals and communities thrive financially and socially. Rotary members train people to become resources for their community, offering networking activities, advice on new business development, and mathematics and financial management training. This would be a good opportunity to invite community members to visit your club and see what a difference People of Action can make.

October is 24th is World Polio Awareness Day 

World Polio Day is October 24th. One Day, One Focus, Ending Polio. Please make it a priority to donate to PolioPlus this month! This is a great way to get you club members involved in club goals whether it’s individual donations or Happy Bucks.

A donation to PolioPlus counts towards your Paul Harris goal. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has agreed to match 2 to 1 up to $50 million in donations to Rotary for the next three years! Please make a donation in support of Polio eradication. Your $25 donation becomes $75 in the fight against Polio.

In 1985, Rotary launched Polio Plus, the first and largest internationally coordinated private-sector support of a public health initiative, with an initial pledge of US$120 million in 1988 more than 125 countries were polio-endemic
As of this week there are 3 endemic countries, 2 outbreak countries and 17 key at-risk countries. Unless we eradicate polio, within 10 years we could see as many as 200,000 new cases a year all over the world. Eradication means on going surveillance and vaccinating for at least three years without a case.

For more information visit these websites:

District Matching Points towards Paul Harris

If you have any interest in becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, we’ve been afforded a terrific opportunity. A generous benefactor in our district (6760) has allocated 50,000 points as a match to anyone who makes a donation between $100 and $500. So, if you make a donation to the Annual Fund of the Rotary Foundation between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30 (and as long as the 50,000 points are still available), you can be well on your way to becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. See your club president for details.

District Tree Planting Goal

We have arranged to work with Tennessee Environmental Council to provide trees to help your club to achieve President Ian Riseley’s goal of one tree for every Rotarian in the world. Details on this were sent to club presidents.

Make sure your club member’s volunteer hours for tree planting are entered into Rotary Club Central.


Please make sure you have your president-elects selected and entered into DACdb. We need this information entered ASAP.

Save the Dates

Mid-Year Conference (Registration to be sent out soon)

Foundation Dinner Friday, November 17th 6-9 PM

Mid-Year Conference sessions and Grants Certification Saturday, November 18th 8 AM-4 PM

Just as a reminder – every club needs to have a club member attend the grant certification training for your club to be able to apply for a grant for 2018-19.

Jerome Bannister

Rotary District 6760 DG 2017-2018