Star Club

The Rotary Foundation’s goal is for EVERY ROTARIAN… TO GIVE $100… EVERY ROTARY YEAR

To support this goal District 6760 launched the STAR CLUB Designation Program in 2007-2008 Rotary year. We revitalized the program in 2010-2011 with great success resulting in thirty two Star Clubs. It is the Districts’ intent to properly recognize the Rotary Clubs that meet or exceed their annual giving goals on a per capita basis each year.

Our District will recognizes as a STAR CLUB every club whose annual contribution to the Annual Program Fund and/or Polio Plus averages $100 or more per member. (Per capita calculation based on APF/Polio Plus giving)

In order for a club to receive STAR CLUB designation, and be recognized at the District Conference, the club MUST turn in its Annual Fund or Polio Plus contributions by March 31 each year. This will allow enough time to determine which clubs will be recognized at the annual District Conference. Clubs that meet the goal by June 30th will be lauded by the District Governor during the annual visit to the club. Also, there will be a special list of the STAR CLUBS displayed on the District’s web site and listed in the annual District Directory.

Designation as a STAR CLUB adds prestige to the Rotary clubs that achieve this annual level of support for our Rotary Foundation.

Every year each Rotary Club can add more stars. Clubs that continue to show full support for The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund year after year will be classified as a 2 STAR CLUB, 3 STAR CLUB, 4 STAR CLUB, 5 STAR CLUB, to 10 SUPER STAR CLUB, etc.

It is our goal to have every club in our District 6760 designated as a Star Club. What better way is there for all of us to affirm our belief in the incredible? programs and projects made possible by the Rotary Foundation? Begin now to explain and motivate your Rotary club to become a STAR CLUB this Rotary year.